P.Diddy vs. the evil 2 faced politician

Manumission means freedom from slavery, and once in our party you were free to do whatever you pleased as long as you didn’t harm anyone else. One midsummers night completely unannounced P.Diddy stepped onto the Manumission stage as part of the nights performance. Much to the delight of the 50 fabulous Manumission Girls, and theContinue reading “P.Diddy vs. the evil 2 faced politician”

Cloned beauty sold into porn

A shadowy Hitchcockian thriller… An Hilarious Benny Hill whodunit… A Helmut Newtonesque Scandal on the brink of exposure. A breathtakingly twisted adventure, based on a true story. THE PHANTASMAGORICAL MANUMISSION MYSTERY – where we investigated such terrifying and mind twisting subjects such as cloning, which became the subject matter for the opening party – Case No1:Continue reading “Cloned beauty sold into porn”

‘I don’t want any strippers, my wife’s in the club!’ Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim laughed, nervously.

‘I’m trusting you Claire!’ Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim said looking me right in the eye as I held his hand and lead him through the back-stage door, ‘this isn’t like the old days!’ He pleaded with his crooked smile… It was Norman’s birthday and we had a surprise waiting for him on stage andContinue reading “‘I don’t want any strippers, my wife’s in the club!’ Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim laughed, nervously.”

The Motel gets Groove Armada shakin’ that ass…

Playing Manumission, staying at The Motel – ‘a real eye-opener’!!! MC Otter had gone back to the States so we had a stand in called Gram’ma Funk. One of the lines she would say to our dancers was ‘I See You Baby, Shakin’ that Ass, Shakin’ that Ass…’ We asked Groove Armada to make aContinue reading “The Motel gets Groove Armada shakin’ that ass…”