Oh la la! Manumission goes to Le Palace, Paris.

Nuptial Sheet – Mike & I spent four weeks in the French capital – to fulfill a request by Cathy and David Guetta to creatively direct and promote the end-of-fashion-week party/AIDS benefit at Le Palace, at the legendary nightclub set in the old theatre at 8 Rue de Faubourg Montmartre. We met Otter for the first time, and even though her fire-breathing pussy show is on the bill, The Guetta’s were insistent that must we do a show ourselves – this leads to Thierry Mugler’s drag queen of choice in incomparable Joey Arias to instigate a performance – a mock wedding, involving a dwarf as the best man and a condom as the wedding ring. Rankin performing a live photoshoot for Dazed & Confused, Supermodels dancing on tables, scouring junkyards with Pedro Winter, blue haired British club-kids and the best party Paris had seen in a decade. David Guetta was sent into a quivering panic for fear of his nightclub being shut down, and losing its licence. Oh la la!

‘I might as well give up DJing now’ said a much-amused Pete Tong who was
playing that very moment going out live to his substantial UK audience, as he stepped
backwards in shock and stumbled into a hole, ‘as I will never see a party to top this one!’

The below article is from Paris Max magazine – in french!

Photography Michel Figuet, make up Marco Latte.

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