Philosophy of Manumission

Mike shot by Francois Matisse

Philosophy of Manumission – written by Mike in 1994.

Leaders of tomorrow are going to clubs today.

Pro individual rather than pro society, pro legalisation of drugs, hedonistic – you have one life enjoy it – you might die tomorrow. Encourage people to open their minds, to different races, nationalities, sexuality etc.

Against patriotic beliefs (narrow-minded racism): – pro – world beliefs.

Anti-excess commercialism (70% of stuff people buy is shit).
Anti-business set up for purely profit reasons when the product is not helpful to the individual.

Quality of product – things break. More important than quantity is quality. Everywhere these days quality seems to be worse than in the past. – minimum investment for maximum profit – at consumer’s expense. Gradual deterioration in quality. Anti-pretension

–we accept everyone no need to pretend to be something you are not – in order to fit in –encourage letting down of barriers – friendship – through wild parties.

Anti class system – birth should not limit your chances of success – show people how to play to their strengths.

Anarchic – if everybody did what they dreamed of doing they would all be much happier.

No respect for rules which we do not believe in.

High moral standards of friendship.

Anti violence – if all the world partied they could never form army’s to make wars.

Pro – sex – not going to harm anybody (Violence will!).

Mike photographed demonstrating his gymnastic skills and sense of personal freedom. Shot by Ernest Collins. Top Parisian African American Fashion Photographer, sadly recently deceased.

Ernest Collins, a makeup artist, hairstylist and photographer who elevated black beauty in elite modeling circles in Chicago, Milan and Paris, has died at 67.’

I was 20 years old when I met Mike on his quest for universal freedom. He had searched
for and found the perfect name for his party: Manumission, a Latin word meaning freedom from slavery. Inadvertently I became instrumental in the extreme methods used to achieve and market that goal.

En aquellos años los promotores ingleses ya tenían cogida la medida a la isla y empezaban a hacerse fuertes. En el caso de Manumission no fue menos y no le costo pasar de celebrar un evento en Manchester para 400 personas a las 10.000 que podían pasar una noche por Privilege, o por aquel entonces Ku, el club de Ibiza que fue conocido por todos por ser el club más grande del mundo.

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