Cowboy 78

When asked to make a compilation…

John Wayne Goes Wild Out West…

‘Well, you know’, said Mike, rubbing his head, thinking mainly about smoking another joint, ‘all the Superclubs were making compilation albums – so, of course my brother thought that we should do one too. Obviously, Claire & I disagreed with him about that – it is not cool for us to do things just for the money, selling-out, cashing in on a trend.  That would be an injustice to the party, which cannot possibly be summed up by a compilation of the same tracks that are on every other bloody compilation – the only difference being our logo stamped on it, not theirs. Manumission was much more an experience. It was practically a movement. To film it would be the only way to possibly do it justice.’ The conversation drifted to the making of the movie and cold calling the DJs and directors…

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